My name is Gianna, and I am a performer turned designer from West Chester, Pennsylvania. In my graphic design journey, I know one thing for certain — I do not want to be put into a box. I want to be defined by everything that encompasses my individuality. This is an integral element that sets me apart as a designer. When embracing a new craft, part of the challenge is breaking free of the labels that have previously defined us, and accepting all that makes us who we are. I am not just a designer, I’m a complex, multifaceted individual with a multitude of distinctive interests and influences — from design to theater, to writing, to photography, to fashion and interior design — to the wild, chaotic nature of my four years at JMU, to my wonderful friends who have become my family, to the open airy country fields I grew up in; they all come together to make me who I am. My multidimensional, extraordinary self is what makes me memorable.I have always found an unparalleled level of control through creation — by stepping back, examining the bigger picture, and building something that grounds me. I think of my work as a way to find order in the chaos, to find the calm elegance in the storm. This is one of my most vital attributes as a designer — deep investment in my work on both a personal and professional level. Because of this, I hold myself to an exceptionally high standard. I am profoundly motivated to put the hours in, do the real work, and go the extra mile. My work has consistently grounded me, and my level of investment in my work sets me apart. This is what makes me an exceptional designer.


Email: gsparta21@gmail.com
Phone: (610) 427-9890