Typography Projects

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Senior Capstone Design

For my senior graphic design capstone, advanced level exploration of graphic design principles, methods, applications and professional practice were emphasized. We developed of an individual capstone project with a chosen theme. We then investigated and explored frameworks and prototypes that address our research question. My research question examined the negative effects of social media on body image.

Habits That Hurt

For this typography based assignment, we were challenged to choose an article from a health and wellness magazine and design spreads in a way that presented the information in a logical, unified and visually appealing manner, and in an appropriate manner in relation to the content. My chosen article was entitled "Habits That Hurt"

Dogeared Sustainability Report

A sustainability report is an organizational report that gives information about economic, environmental, social and governance performance. For typography class, we were tasked to research and design a Social Sustainability Report for a company of our choosing. My selected company was Dogeared, a sustainable jewelry company.

GG's Candy Bar Packaging

For typography class, we were tasked to create custom packaging for our own custom made chocolate bar brand, mine entitled "GG's Candy Bars"


For my typography class, we were tasked to design a student-run magazine entitled Nexus, which features student art, writing, and design. I designed black & white feature spreads.

Grandmom's Pizzelles Accordion

My grandmom Helen's pizzelles recipe, designed in an accordion style for typography class.